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One Way Transfer & Return

One Way Transfer

We provide one Way Transfer and return services so why not hire TX Black Car & Limo Services for the evening if you just want to have a good time with the guys or the girls? With a fleet ranging from sedans & limousines to minibusses and motor coaches! Once you get going, you won’t want to get off since our vehicles and service will make it a trip to remember! You’d be insane not to choose TX Black Car & Limo Services for your next transfer because, depending on where you’re starting from, it might be far less expensive per person to go with them than in a taxi or Uber.

Once you step inside one of our buses, it’s like entering a nightclub on wheels; you’ll never want to leave. Modern sound systems, poles, limo-style seating, club-like lighting, and bottled water are all included on our buses.

Instead of attempting to get everyone to divide off into individual Ubers and Taxis, what better way to keep the party going than on one of our buses? Most of the time, it works out to be far less expensive, plus you get to party all night long.

Our return and one-way services are well-liked for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • One-way and Roundtrip Transfers on Race Day
  • Bucks and Hens Transfers – Return to the city after a party Events during festivals and music
  • Our vehicles come in sizes ranging from 3 to 55 seats.

Book a car right now for the most memorable trip of your life.Get in touch with our helpful staff to create your ideal one-way and return transfer experience.


When you schedule a transfer, you hire a car for a single journey. If you reserve a pick-up and drop-off, someone else can use it immediately following you or in the intervals between the times you require it.

For example, scheduling a transfer to a football game followed by a return trip from the game to your drop-off but nothing in between means you are booking two transfers. During the times you are not using it, anyone can use our vehicle.

This means that you must give us a 45 to 60-minute notice before pick up due to the possibility of booking overlap. We ask for a 45- to 60-minute window after your event so the vehicle can pick up its clients and drive back your way because we cannot guarantee a pick-up time.

We request that you leave the vehicle in the same condition as you left it for a transfer: all trash must be removed from the bus/vehicle or put in a trash bag and removed from the vehicle because we offer other trips in between.

We do not offer water, ice, or cups for a transfer unless requested. Therefore, please make a reservation with us right away!

No matter if it’s a charter or a transfer, you’ll always get the best, most expert service.

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